Sunday, December 5, 2010

So the Japan project is finally (finally) coming to a close. After this week a lot of commitments will have ended- finding a studio, that performance in Jerusalem. My life will become less hectic, I will be able to concentrate on one thing at a time.

I certainly hope so, anyway. I've reached a point in this generalized anxiety which I would definitely call a danger zone: having trouble sleeping. I have trouble falling asleep, don't sleep well when I do and feel buzzed and erratic all day. It's bad. And if we're being entirely honest..I haven't been taking my hair medication like I should. I'm just tired of doing it, you know? I just want this to end. It's much easier to have a can-do "we're going to beat this!" attitude at the beginning of tackling a health issue. It's a lot harder when you've been doing this expensive treatment for months and months and there's no end in sight and you've been getting better (sloooowly) but now you're actually getting worse.

After this ridiculous week I'll look into a yoga class- I really need to get recentered. And mayeb once I'm unemployed I'll be able to sleep better, or at least longer. #crossing fingers#


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